Canadian Housing Shift

An interesting thing was noted in the last Canadian census by the government. It was found that now, 1 in every 8 families across Canada now lives in a condominium. This is a huge housing shift and can very well change the Canadian housing market. People are shifting towards buying and booking condos instead of buying and booking a house.

The trend has been noticed more in urban centers and metropolises rather than in the rural areas of the country, however, the rural areas are decreasing in population density as more and more people begin moving towards the urban centers. It is expected that by 2030 about 60 percent to 70 percent of the population of the world will have moved out of rural settings and gone on towards the urban areas. This brings with itself a unique set of problems with regards to housing and, coincidentally, condominiums in Canada, like Icona Condos Yonge, might bring about a solution to the issue.

The main problem with a rising population has to do with how you are going to be able to provide all these people a place to live. It is not easy making sure every person is able to have access to proper housing, especially with the limited land in any city. However, with the rise in the popularity of condos and condominiums, that problem might easily be solved. With a condo you can have a lot of people live in comfort rather than have the cooped up in small areas. With the way condominiums are being designed nowadays, you will be able to have a lot of people with access to homes that they can buy instead of rent placed right on top of each other. Large condos can even go up to more than a 100 stories high.

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