Here is Why Extracurricular Activities Are Very Important in Senior School

When a child makes the transition from junior school to senior school, there are a lot of changes that occur in his or her life. From changes in their body to changes in the way the deal with emotions due to changes in certain parts of brain development. The prefrontal cortex begins to develop more, taking over the limbic system. This part of development is quite important because, combined with puberty, has a lot of effect on the expression of someone’s personality and traits. A person at this age can do a lot of things. From having a lot of stamina and focus to developing skills and multitasking, a lot of new sets of skills can be learned at this age.

Role of School

At this stage, there are some external cues that play a big role. The environment is a factor that cannot be ignored, because when combined with others like genetics, psychosocial and others, it can have a very power effect on a person’s development. School helps children enhance, practice and discover their own set of special skills and explore interests in sports and other physical abilities. Having a platform to participate in, as a team member is a completely different dynamics.

The Resume

Co-curriculum activities are not just good for a student’s growth but it also says a lot about the student; what they do outside the realm of academia. When you want to apply to university or when you want scholarships, the grants look outside your grades. Involvement in these sports and activities shows your areas of interest and your time management skills amongst many other things. In Australia, All Saints College is one of the top ones that emphasizes on this area. You can find them at