Dangerous Goods: A Guide to Understand Them

If you are planning to be an employee of a company that has a business of dangerous goods then you need to catch up on your knowledge of them because companies are very careful who they hire as doing a business which is dependent upon dangerous goods is not easy and is taken carefully so it is better that you gather all the knowledge that you can and it will not only benefit you but the company too. If you are planning to be a dangerous goods consultant then you definitely need to check out Sepmar Firex as it would be a good way to teach yourself about things that you should know as a dangerous goods consultant.

When it comes to learning about dangerous goods, an important thing that you need to know that all of them have been divided into class and divisions so as to keep a track of the level of danger that they pose and another thing to remember is that dangerous goods can be in more than one division which would show that the good is dangerous in more than one way.

Class 1-4

Class 1 to 4 consists of goods that are in some way related to explosives, so let us say that class 2 is about gasses, class 3 is about liquids which are flammable and class is all about solids which are flammable. As for the divisions, class 2.1 is gas that is flammable, 2.2 is a gas that is not toxic or flammable and class 2.3 is a gas that is toxic. Class 4.2 is solids which are prone to combustion spontaneously and 4.3 are things which are dangerous when they are wet.

Class 5

This class is all about oxidizing substances and organic peroxides.

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