Designing an Effective Punch Card

A punch card can be a superb way of keeping your brand name on your customer’s mind, think of it as a business card that not only provides the holder with details about your business, but also keeps a track of the amount of progress that they have made before they become legible for a reward of some kind. A well-designed punch card can easily guarantee multiple visits from one customer, however punch cards do not always work wonders, there are several things that on needs to consider while designing their punch card in order for it to have the right kind of impact.

A very important aspect of designing your punch card is figuring out how it will describe your business to the owner; it should be able to do so in an effective yet simple manner that does not overshadow the punch card aspect of the card. Mentioning your store name and your contact details is a must, you should also remember to clearly state what the customer will receive as a reward once they have visited you a certain number of times.

Your punch card should not be too plain or too crowded, strategically placing your logo and a few eye catching pictures of what your store offers can have a pretty good effect, and you can also go for an abstract design if your business is a service orientated one. For anyone who is having a hard time figuring out what they want their punch card to look like, the Think Before you Link School website is a great place to gather ideas. This website has a variety of punch card templates that you can access for free and use to your heart’s content, there is plenty of useful information regarding punch cards there as well.

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