Store Surveys

It is not often that you see your own reviews and suggestions actually being heard by a corporation or a company. In most cases you can put up a review about a store or a company on the internet or on an app and it will result in the place getting a bad review that other people can see, but it does not necessarily bring about any real change. For many people, the review is not even read by a lot of other potential customers and that just leads to them all using the products or services of the place anyway.

So there is always a possibility that they review you have given to a place does not really end up doing too much. Although a lot of apps that rate services, restaurants, products, and even doctors and medicines, can be very helpful to you, they do not always make a big difference.

However, the super store chain Kroger is attempting to combine the benefits of constant review being given back to them by their customers with the ease of the internet by creating an online survey. They have created a reward based survey system that encourages the customers to give tem reviews about how the company could do a better job or if there were problems that needed fixing in any specific store. The way this works is that you open up the website and you can begin the survey if you are over the age of 18. You will need a receipt code, which you can find on any receipt you got from shopping at Kroger. Once you fill out the Kroger feedback fuel points are added to your loyalty card that can be redeemed later on at the store to purchase items and get discounts later on.

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