The Grayling

When you go fly fishing you might go to certain fish hatches and go to certain areas where some specific type of fish are available. Many people like catching specific types of fishes when they go fly fishing and a lot of people end up travelling for miles just to be able to go out and start fishing at a place where the right fish are. While this is not something every person does, it is something people who have developed a certain style of fly fishing do.

For some people the fun of fly fishing comes because of the learning curve to it. It is a new challenge every single time if you want it to be one. Catching different fish requires different levels of strategy and a different style, not a necessarily more difficult one, and to people who like switching up the fish they catch, they experience something new each time. However, for the people who stick to a certain type of fish, the experience is about getting better at catching that specific type of fish.

You need to know where the fish will be next and then set out there to catch them. It might sound like a bit of work but it is one of the most rewarding feelings there is when it finally pays off. One of the most sought after fish is the Arctic Grayling. This is one of the most beautiful fresh water fishes anywhere in the world and people love to catch it. There are specific lodges, like the Arctic Lodges, which cater to people who love catching the Arctic Grayling a lot. It is an experience because of the fight the Arctic Grayling will put up with you when caught. You feel like you are properly fishing when the fish fights back.

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