The Psoas Muscle

In today’s article we will be talking about a very special hidden survival muscle in our body, which is the psoas muscle. This muscle is the one that connects our upper body and lower body and it can help induce a flight or fight scenario as it can help us secrete adrenaline hormones in to our body. This muscle is very important and the adrenaline rush it gives humans can be thought of as a reason that we have survived as a species for such a long time.

The use of this muscle to secrete adrenaline from the adrenal glands can be tasked with getting us out of dangerous situations, or helping us fight back when we are in danger. The increased adrenaline in the body lets our body run faster and longer, move better, and react better than we normally would be able to. However, this muscle can also be dangerous to us if not properly used.

The problem with this muscle comes with the fact that it is affected when you sit down for extremely long periods of time, such as people who work a 9 to 5 desk job. Sitting down all day can affect this muscle, especially if you are sitting with bad posture or if your chair is not ergonomically designed, as it is always strained. The constant strain comes because the muscle is tilted when we are sitting down. The constant strain also means that the adrenal glands are constantly being given messages from this muscle to secrete adrenaline in to the body. This leads to your immune system being compromised and your body tightening up too much. It also means that moving about and general body movements start taking a larger strain on your body and that can lead to you hurting yourself pretty badly.

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