The Way to Stay Safe

Being exposed to Radon doesn’t necessarily equate to having cancer develop. Either it won’t happen at all or it could take years for cancer to form in your body and the time gap between first contraction and a disease beginning to take effect on your body can be years. Smoking produces more symptoms than Radon does making Radon a more silent killer.

Occasional exposure to Radon is also difficult to detect due to the lack of any overall symptoms to give headway that there may be something wrong in the infected persons body. Lack of symptoms isn’t a sure sign that your disease free and it’s recommended to visit your doctor on occasion to ensure that your physical well-being continues.

That being said, being both a smoker and being exposed to sources of Radon in your home can shorten your life span considerably. Lung cancer has a high chance of being developed in those situations and getting your home tested for potential presence of Radon helps you to battle it. You can’ fight something you can’t see, feel or touch unless you are absolutely sure it’s there. Canadian Shield Radon Testing & Mitigation Winnipeg is there to help protect your home against the contagious Radon infections and to protect you from their effects.

Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and one of its only effects to health is exactly that. It is radioactive and dangerous to be exposed to  . It is also the kind of product that can decay over time and as it decays, it will break down into much smaller particles. These stand the risk of being inhaled where it can wreck our health in its entirety. Whenever a lung cell is damaged, it stands the risk of developing cancer.

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