Unpopularity of Gel Manicures

You might have heard a lot about gel manicures and how it keeps the nail polish intact for weeks but did anyone ever mention that they can be harmful to the human body? We agree that is cool that the proper gel manicure can give you perfect nails for a long time but that does not mean that you harm yourself just to achieve that.

According to studies, it is okay to get a gel manicure once in a while but some people go overboard and get it done every now and then which is a big no no. If you do not believe us then we invite you to search online and you would find numerous articles penning down the danger of gel manicures. We know that there are some people who just cannot stop themselves from getting a gel manicure so we advise them to go slow on it and only use LED nail lamps and get information about them from here http://beautycinch.com/best-gel-nail-kit/. Let us now talk about why gel manicures are not all that great.

Money Wastage

Going for a gel manicure at a nail salon is a sure way of money going down the drain because most of these gel manicures are above $25 and some of the good ones cost around $125 which is a ridiculous amount to be spending on nail polish.

UV Rays

There are so many harmful substances in the environment and then people add one more by getting their nails hit with UV rays when they place their hands in a LED or UV nail lamp.

Nail Bed

The whole manicure process is damaging to the nail bed because it involves so much preparation. Another thing that damages is the removal process of the gel nail polish.

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