Way Too Long

Plenty of enjoyment is derived by those that fully partake in the chaos the ensues in the modern auction house. With people screaming over each other as loud as they can just trying to make sure that their voice is heard, you could think you’re at a concert except everyone in the audience is the performer. That isn’t too far from the truth either, not only will the auction host be shouting out the current bid over whatever the product is but will be calling out for the next highest bid in as loud a voice as everyone else trying to place a bid in the first place.

Though there’s something unique to see in all that chaos, it might not be for everyone and silent auctions are in place usually through home and school associations to reap the same benefits as a common auction house but in a silent auction everyone fills out same silent auction forms and it is entirely possible for the current bid to be completely unknown until the winner is announced. Silent auctions can also be a part of events since they are relatively quiet and easy enough to accommodate in some area as it isn’t too difficult to manage.

The proper planning and execution needs to be on point for that to be true however, you can’t just throw a bunch of things together for any event, not just silent auctions, and expect things to work out perfectly. There would be no difference from a professional proceeding to a bunch of kids around the stage trying to make sure things go as planned. It is an engaging activity where the ruckus is minimized. Usually after the bids are placed on the forms, they are examined and the person who bid the highest wins.

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